When Love Lost

Andy Stanley

This is Part 3 of our Brand New series. We all know that religion is a powerful thing and, because of this, it can be dangerous. Generally it can end up in the hands of a few people, driven by superstition and religion is also anchored in our conscience.

As we said last week, our consciences determine religious realities whether they reflect reality or not. All of us have experienced this. There are things you used to feel guilty about and don’t any more. Our country has seen extraordinary changes in our national consciences over the years. Our consciences have been shaped by a version or type of Christianity that is a blend between Jesus actually taught and what the temple model has taught as well. Our consciences determine the way we feel about God, sin and one another. Whoever controls your conscience controls your behavior.

How to Know Your Standing with God

Andy Stanley

This is Part 2 of our series “Brand New.” If you weren’t here last week, you can catch up (for free) right here.

Here’s what we said last week: The arrival of Jesus signaled something absolutely brand new. When Jesus showed up on the scene he initiated something brand new.

The Temple Model, a reference to the Jewish temple, was done. Jesus had a new model.

The Temple Model is about:

  • Sacred places
  • Sacred texts
  • Sacred men
  • Sincere followers

Jesus initiated something brand new:

One Thing That Has the Power to Undermine Your Potential

Andy Stanley

This is a series about killing that thing in each of us that has the potential to kill everything good in and around us: Pride.

Not the pride that you have about your kids or the pride you have when you “over-coach” your kids, or the healthy pride in your work. We’re talking about the pride that likes to see others fail. The kind of pride that makes you feel better about yourself. The bad pride that keeps you from apologizing or initiating a conversation.

Pride: It shuts you in while shutting God and others out.
When you’re filled with pride, there’s no room for anyone else in the room, including God.

The Difference Between Stewardship and Ownership

Andy Stanley

If you weren’t here last week go back and watch it. If you don’t need it, I promise you your boss does.

This is a series that is about killing that thing in us that has the potential to kill us and everything around us: our pride. Not the good pride that inspires people to greatness, we’re talking about the pride that is a prison that shuts you in and God and others out. The kind of pride that’s so big it makes you the only person in the room and there’s no room for anybody else. It’s the pride that keeps you from admitting what you ned to admit, initiate what you need to initiate and listen to what needs to be heard.

This series is about calling out pride before it shuts God and others out. Name it, recognize it and don’t let it hold the remote control of your life.

Today we are going to address a very specific group: The 3P People. What makes someone a 3P Person?

Let Your Past Inform (Not Control) Your Decisions

Andy Stanley - Starting Over, Release It

The series we’re in is titled, “Starting Over” and the subtitle tells the story: How to ensure that next time won’t be like last time.

What we mean by that is if you’re starting over in a new relationship, new neighborhood, new city, new school, or if you’re coming off of something that didn’t end as well as you thought it should and you find yourself starting over then this series is for you.

You can watch this series at StartingOver.org
Note: Also review The Sermon Notes:
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We have a tendency to start over too quickly.

It’s because of three myths:

Answer the Question, “What Was I Thinking?”

Starting Over by Andy Stanley

We’re in a series called “Starting Over” and the subtitle of the series is: How to ensure next time won’t be like last time. This is a series for anyone who is starting something over. Maybe a relationship, school, or any other thing.

Part of why you’re starting over may be your fault. It might be someone else’s fault. Either way, you’re starting over.

There are three things you have to do when you’re starting over, we’ll get to those.

Don’t Smuggle Your Past Into the Future

Photo Film

We’re in the second part of this series titled Starting Over and the subtitle of the series is How to ensure next time won’t be like the last time.

If you just started something over, a career, company, relationship, academically, financially, whatever your’e starting over we’re addressing this so that next time won’t be like the last time.

How to Ensure Next Time Won’t Be Like the Last Time

Writing in Notebook

I’m direction and instruction adverse. I like getting all the parts out and putting things together… How many of you do not like to read directions? You just like to start something (and not read directions)?

Directions are for people what want to get it right the first time.
Directions are for people who don’t know that joy of re-assembling.
Directions are for people who are too busy to start over.